The machine learning platform for developers

Slingshot provides the building blocks for training, evaluating, and deploying ML models so your team can ship great models fast.
Fast time-to-value
Get off the ground quickly with project templates and a streamlined user interface
Adapt quickly to new and evolving ML use-cases with our modular component offerings
Bring in your own data, bootstrap with out-of-the-box models, and connect to existing third-party MLOps software

Leverage the latest AI use-cases

Bootstrap ML models on out-of-the-box foundations, fine-tune for exceptional performance.

Enable lightning-fast ML development lifecycles

Rapidly train, test, and deploy large models at scale.

Seamlessly orchestrate your ML workflows end-to-end

Manage each step of your ML workflow on a unified platform. Bring in your own data and any other MLOps software you already use.

Fully secure and compliant

Maintain full control and privacy of your models and data.
"The simulator we built on Slingshot has been an incredible success. It works flawlessly and feedback is very positive. We were able to produce a use case for generative AI that is actually useful and safe!"
Mark Ungless
director of data insights @ mental health innovations

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